Campaign Nonviolence, Rotating 24-Hour Fast, September 21-27

CNV-March-first-slider1[1]We invite you to participate in our week-long rotating fast for Campaign Nonviolence in September. Scroll down below to the date when you will join our fast. Click the Blue RSVP Now! button immediately below that date and enter your information. Thank you for your commitment to promoting nonviolence.

  • Sign up for Sunday, September 21, fast.
  • Sign up for Monday, September 22, fast.
  • Sign up for Tuesday, September 23, fast.
  • Sign up for Wednesday, September 24, fast.
  • Sign up for Thursday, September 25, fast.
  • Sign up for Friday, September 26, fast.
  • Sign up for Saturday, September 27, fast.

  • A number of folks have reported problems with the RSVP form. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please send us your information via this form and we will register you for the fast. Thank you!

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